About us

Who we are

Testamation.com has been started as a private side project of Agota Kun, work and organizational psychologist, assistant professor of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Laszlo Tenki, an IT professional. Now it is about to be launched as a startup company. By the way, we are looking for investors.

What we do

Testamation.com is a community-based and social media focused service on the web for personality testing and profiling – aiming to help recruiters, trainers, organizational development specialists, people managers or basically anybody who's interested. We offer a wide palette of personality tests that our customers can use for their own purposes from finding out what soft skill trainings are needed in a company to predict how a person will fit to a role or job.

It is hard science, applied psychology, made absolutely simple so that you feel you are just playing with Lego.

Why we do it

We believe that we can make your lives easier if you want to go just by yourself and we can make the job of conventional consultants more effective too. Nobody knows better what you need than you and if you are provided with proper tools then you can do the job right. And if you have any doubts, the community is there to help you. Share it and them evaluate how your test is performing in reaching the goals you set. Get feedbacks. Talk, discuss. Develop that test, make it better. FTW.

We are not saying that you have to use personality testing, it does not even make sense in every situatuion. We just say that if you need it, it's here. Made beautifully simple.

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