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Sales Advisors must be proficient in completing the sales process. Direct customer contact is an important part of the job, Sales Advisors must be able to answer questions and queries regarding all products and services in both retail and corporate business. The reason to profile these candidates is that not only their knowledge is vital, but also their personality is a key factor in having good customer relations and thus meet sales targets and increase sales. This test measure the essence of soft skills for this job.

By Ágota

Tagged with customer contact, sales, telco, telecommunication.

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Accurately computing running variance

The most obvious way to compute variance then would be to have two sums: one to accumulate the sum of the x's and another to accumulate the sums of the squares of the x's. If the x's are large and the differences between them small, direct evaluation of the equation above would require computing a small number as the difference of two large numbers, a red flag for numerical computing. The loss of precision can be so bad that the expression above evaluates to a negative number even though variance is always positive. See Comparing three methods of computing standard deviation for examples of just how bad the above formula can be.